Arrival Time/Table Tops:

Children start their day off with using interactive play as a learning tool. They use table top toys such as puzzles, pattern blocks and mathematical board games to improve their social and emotional skills with their peers and teachers.

Circle Time:

Children sit together in a circle while the teachers go over the agenda for the day. They also participate in class group activities or in pairs where they get to answer questions and practice team work, all while respecting the classroom rules and regulations.



Music & Movement:

Children have the opportunity to express themselves through dance. This is also a great way for children to incorporate a form of physical activity in their daily routine.


Children sit together family style while eating nutritious meals which aid in maintaining focus throughout the day. Teachers assist and accommodate the students based on their special preferences.

Center Time:

Children have the opportunity to explore different centers according to the unit for the month. They bond with their peers by working together and expressing their personalities through imagination and innovation. The teachers get the opportunity to better understand each child by questioning them about their work in the different centers. The pictures below gives a better understanding of what the children are doing in each center.

Nap Time/ Quiet Time:

Children get to relax their bodies and minds by taking a nap on their cot or reading a book quietly in their own separate spaces under the teacher’s supervision.


A quick healthy snack helps students keep their energy fuels going after being challenged mentally during the school day.


Students come together at the end of the day to share and recall what was learned during the day. They also get to share highlights of the day with their classmates and teachers.



Children patiently wait for their parents/guardians to come pick them up, while continuing learning through positive discussion between and peers.