Meet The Staff

Sunita Narang 1.jpg

Sunita Narang

Ms. Sunita, our Education Director/Lead Teacher, has her Masters in Teaching and has been teaching for over 5 years. She is passionate about teaching. She believes all children can learn. Sunita believes through education children will receive the tools and skills to help them grow into successful individuals. Within an educational setting, children should be motivated and encouraged to solve problems similar to the problems they will deal outside school and this instills in them the skills necessary to become problem solvers in preparation for their adult lives.     

Ashley Henry 2.jpg

Ashley Henry

Ms. Ashley, our Assistant Teacher, has always enjoyed working with children. As a Long Island University graduate she believes in a mentally challenging, yet relaxed environment which allows students to feel comfortable and have fun while learning. Her area of expertise include art and writing. She enjoys creating artwork/props for the classroom as well as leading in various arts and crafts projects.