HAUP Little Explorers is an early childhood center dedicated to preparing students for lifelong learning. 



HAUP Little Explorers is a multicultural environment where students are prepared to be success-ful in Kindergarten and beyond.  We create

·      Confident learners

·      Critical thinkers

·      Problem solvers

·      Team Leaders

·      Effective Communicators

·      Creative innovators

We do this by creating a challenging but attainable project-based program to let children learn experimentation, exploration, and collaboration.  We provide enriching activities so that children are supported as they discover their strength and work on their weaknesses.


·      Prepare tomorrow’s innovators by promoting 21st century skills

·      Provide a non-judgmental learning environment that provides opportunities for each child to develop socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, culturally, and at their own pace.

·      Confident learners

·      Learning that is fun at the HAUP Little Explorers

·      We foster innovation

·      We embrace teamwork and collaboration

·      We strive for Excellence

·      We believe in the success of every child

·      We respect and support families

·      We respect appropriate diversity

·      We actively listen and seek to understand

·      We communicate openly and productively

·      We use resources creatively and responsibly

·      We are HAUP